The Mandate:
  • To re-connect the eastern region with brand Kansai Nerolac Paint which had veined drastically over the years.
    Solution proposed and undertaken:
  • The agency concept was “Shift focus from Geography – Bengal to People which Bengali”. The difference is huge in the case of eastern region. The idea was to appeal to the inner sensibility of the Bengali TA though the brand value and benefits. The largest no. of mural making competition in the state of Bengal, made by the local people, building pride for their own localities at the same time it was a 360o experiential campaign, involving every medium of advertising and on-ground connect and complete execution, putting to test our 25 years of experience. The result was exhilarating which saw huge shift back to the brand and was extending year after year and is now being considered for national level execution.
  • A coffee table book by Kansai Nerolac Paints
  • Shot across 90 days covering the rich heritage – culture, architecture, the day to day life of a Bengali. The coffee table book was targeted to serenade the pride of a Bengali, and associate their interest with the brand.
  • The next bing bang came with the launch of the coffee table book by Shahrukh Khan in Kolkata in the presence of media and channel partners (distributors, dealers and retailers). Strategic publicity was garnered through write ups and advertorials subsequently.
  • The book was later distributed through the retail sales channels to retail customers, bulk customers - interior designers, builders. Autographed books were used as a part of sales incentive – performers awards.
  • Re-energized & renewed enthusiasm – sales channel partners and sales team on ground. Consumers stirred through the brands new approach – clearly skewed to titillate the intellectual side of a Bengali.
Reaching out to the customer
  • Communicate and interact with the target audience, the retail customer. Reach out to them in their neighborhood, participate in their festivities. Experiential activity to ensure interaction with the brand. Involve the Sales Channel Partners and the Sales Team. Build the dealer network.
  • A campaign that calls out the Bengali people to participate in a mural competition and create murals on the walls of their neighborhood using Nerolac Paints. Culminating with a Durga Puja Competition between the neighborhoods – the biggest festival for every Bengali.
    • YEAR ONE – 110 MURALS + 334 PUJA (Year 2015)
    • YEAR TWO – 144 MURALS + 440 PUJA (Year 2016)
    • YEAR THREE -
    • Till date the highest registrations & participation ever!
    • Print Ads:
    • 5 – 6 releases, Ananda Bazar Patrika, Ebala
      • Radio:
      • Friends FM, Radio Partner – year 1 & 2, Red FM – year 3
      • OOH:
      • Across city to ensure coverage incl. traffic for the outskirts, given the ambition to widen the geography coverage each year.
      • Online:
      • Website:
      • Registration listing for Mural & Puja Associations, Voting, Images & Video Album – total coverage of each season.
      • Digital Marketing :
      • Contests & Trivia, Posts & updates, result announcements
      • Result over the 2 year campaign:
      • Nerolac today is at neck to neck with Berger at No. 2. The resounding success of the campaign has led Nerolac to expand the project to cover entire Bengal this year.